P14054: Smoking Machine Revisited


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In order to simultaneously collect emissions and transport undisturbed casts for analysis, current hollow cast models will be combined with the existing side stream smoking machine. Device will operate using acquired data from the wPSMD. Unit needs to be self-contained, portable, fit on a workbench, and user friendly. The unit must also be production ready for identical machines in other labs. During operation smoke needs to be ventilated responsibly and the unit must be interfaced with LabVIEW.

For an updated project description, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package.

For more detailed background information visit our Problem Definition page.

Final Outcome:

In order to meet the standards set by ISO as well as the ones that were set by Dr. Robinson as our customer, Team P14054 was able to combine the efforts of previous senior teams to make an improved smoking machine. The current smopking machine is able to smoke traditional and electric cigarettes and simultaneously collect sidestream and mainstream smoke. Cigarettes are also able to be smoked with various different profiles by uploading the desired profile to the syrince pumps using the LabVIEW program designed to control the smoking machine. For more details on the final design of the smoking machine please see our Senior Design 2 Final Presentation.

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Project Name
Smoking machine for emissions and lung cast deposition
Project Number
Project Family
Assistive Devices and Bio-Technology
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Edward Hanzlik ME, echeee@rit.edu, (585) 475-7428
Primary Customer
Dr. Risa Robinson, sgkeme@rit.edu, (585) 475-6445
Sponsor (financial support)
MSD, rjreme@rit.edu, (585) 475-6728

Team Members

MSD 2013-2014 P14054

MSD 2013-2014 P14054

Member Role Contact
Christopher Boise Mechanical Engineer cib8772@rit.edu
Eric Cawley Mechanical Engineer emc8451@rit.edu
Matthew Cross Mechanical Engineer mjc6786@rit.edu
Megan Guarnieri-Cleary Mechanical Engineer mcg9033@rit.edu
Jose Paredes Mechanical Engineer jap1308@rit.edu
Gideon Oladunjoye Electrical Engineer gxo8266@rit.edu


Planning Concept Level Design Detailed Design Review Three Week Reviews Senior Design 2 Final Review
Project Readiness Package Flow Chart MSD II Schedule ISO Review Notes Problem Tracking
Project Schedule Functional Decomposition Updated Risk Management Concept Level Review Presentation Test Plan
Risk Management Concept Screening Test Plan for Engineering Requirements Sub System Level Review Presentation Smoking Machine Operations Manual
Relationship Diagram Previous Projects BOM BOM Total Detailed Design Review Presentation Senior Design 2 Final Presentation

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