P14054: Smoking Machine Revisited

Problem Definition

Table of Contents

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Project Summary

Problem statement:

In order to simultaneously collect emissions and transport undisturbed casts for analysis, current hollow cast models will be combined with the existing side stream smoking machine. Device will operate using acquired data from the wPSMD. Unit needs to be self-contained, portable, fit on a workbench, and user friendly. The unit must also be production ready for identical machines in other labs. During operation smoke needs to be ventilated responsibly and the unit must be interfaced with LabVIEW.

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Customer Requirements (Needs)

A transcript of our interview questions and answers from our first interview with Dr. Robinson can be found in our first interview file.

Notes from our second meeting with Dr. Robinson can be found in our Second Customer Interview file.

Engineering Requirements (Specifications)

As for engineering requirements there are a few key ideas that need to happen:

A full list of our Engineering requirements as well as Customer Requirements can be found in our Relationship Diagram.

Solution Parking Lot

During the Problem Definition phase, you will start coming up with possible solutions. Rather than act on those now, put them in the Solution Parking Lot, and come back to them after your team has fully defined the problem.

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