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The Autonomous Wandering Ambassador has been a mascot for the Electrical Engineering Department at Rochester Institute of Technology. It began as a sustainability project and has been modified over the years to serve various purposes such as a plowing snow and squirting water robot.

The objective of this project is to modify a currently remote controlled robot so that it can be both autonomous and remote controlled. In doing so, the robot should have the capability to navigate autonomously without causing harm to any person or damaging any objects in its path. In order to improve upon the previous version of the robot and make the robot more user interactive, sonar and IR sensors will be implemented as a obstacle avoidance.

In addition, RFID will be implemented to determine the robot's absolute location and serve as a checkpoint for the robot.

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Autonomous Wandering Ambassador
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Faculty Guide
George Slack, gbsee@rit.edu
Primary Customer
George Slack, gbsee@rit.edu
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George Slack, gbsee@rit.edu

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The Team

The Team

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Apurva Shah Project Leader axs9162@rit.edu
Nick Nguyen Hardware Specialist nhn4455@rit.edu
Michael Gambino Software Specialist mwg2121@rit.edu
Peichuan Yin Electrical Specialist pxy7717@rit.edu

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