P14215: Autonomous Wandering Ambassador

Problem Definition

Table of Contents

Project Summary

The objective of this project is to modify a currently remote controlled robot so that it can be both autonomous and remote controlled. In doing so, the robot should have the capability to navigate autonomously without causing harm to any person or damaging any objects in its path. In order to improve upon the previous version of the robot and make the robot more user interactive, sonar and IR sensors will be implemented as a obstacle avoidance.

In addition, RFID will be implemented to determine the robot’s absolute location and serve as a checkpoint.

Customer Requirements (Needs)

Below is a table outlining customer expectations of our project. The priority values use a 10 point scale and are tentative.


Engineering Requirements (Specifications)

Below is a table outlining system-level and function-level requirements that define the intended performance of our system.


There are not many constraints for this project. The only limiting factor is cost. The allotted amount to work with is $500. The group will not exceed more than that amount. Also safety is a huge factor when working with an autonomous robot so to prevent any risk there will be a emergency stop button that will be implemented.

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