P14215: Autonomous Wandering Ambassador

Project Review

Table of Contents


Our plan from MSD I.

Self critique at end of semester.



Our plan for MSD II.

Future Plans

Object Detection IR Sensors

The IR Sensor object detection boards (3x) each function as expected at the subsystem level. When cascaded, noise is introduced. This means that there is an additional intermediate circuit required between the 3 boards. This circuit could be a noise pass filter that also lowers the voltage below the OR gate threshold of ~1.2V. Alternatively, the boards could be read separately. This would give an idea of where the object is so the robot could move away from the object.

Increase RFID Reader Range

A new antenna needs to be designed. It would require a different matching circuit. See documentation in Datasheets/RFID_Reader for details.

Gear Ratio

Change gear ratio to increase speed of robot.

Software Changes

Directional pad in GUI. Map Outline and Path Navigation. Object avoidance measures.

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