P14221: FASE Aerodynamics

Problem Definition

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Project Summary

RIT has begun implementing aero, and the first two full aero cars were very successful. A senior design project focused on advancing the aero on the RIT car will allow more in depth research into improvements that may otherwise not be taken advantage of. RIT has chosen a drag reduction system (DRS) to be the focus of this year's aero development to allow the team to make more downforce without suffering the penalty of drag for fuel economy. The team has established this to be the most effective way to maximize its point scoring potential using a proprietary simulation of the FSAE competition. RIT's team believes that these aerodynamic advances will directly correlate to a more competitive and hopefully winning car.

Customer Requirements (Needs)

Customer Interview

House of Quality

Engineering Requirements (Specifications)

Engineering Requirements


- Formula SAE Rules

- Pre-established chassis and suspension

- Maximum power output of charging system (TBD)

- Total Cost of $1500 + materials

- Total Weight of 3 lbs

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Enable the RIT Racing aero package to produce additional downforce over past years without the penalty of increased drag.

Solution Parking Lot

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