P14224: Baja Hybrid Drivetrain


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The RIT Baja Team has expressed an interest in improving driveline efficiency and dynamic control. The drivetrain has not had a significant format change since the 90’s, using a single speed reduction box coupled with a CVT. While this has been and continues to be an effective means of transmitting power to the wheels, and is the preferred solution amongst the top performing teams, the team would like to explore other options; specifically a gas-electric design. The team would like to receive a working bench top prototype of the drive system for the purpose of testing the gas electric system to compare it to the existing system.


Project Name
Baja Hybrid Drivetrain
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George Slack
Primary Customer
RIOT Racing
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RIT - Financial Support TBD

Team Members

Baja Hybrid Drivetrain Team

Baja Hybrid Drivetrain Team

Member Role Contact
Alexander Bandoski Mechanical Engineer awb3280@rit.edu
Jason Brosler Electrical Engineer jpb7262@rit.edu
David Donaldson Mechanical Engineer dgd5105@rit.edu
Kevin Tesch Electrical Engineer kat6538@rit.edu

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