P14226: RC Camera Car
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Budget Information

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Bill of Material (BOM)

A budget has been established for the project to keep track of money spent and donated components. This can be seen below.

Project Budget PDF

From this, a reduced budget that lists everything that would be needed to build a similar car for Dr. Cockburn's Controls class. This car does not include all of the extra components used for this project (camera, console, steering wheel, etc.) but includes all of the mechanical and electrical components needed for collecting data and implementing controls algorithms.

Controls Parts List

Purchase Requisitions

All of the purchase requisitions made out for this project can be seen below.

A Main Hobbies

A Main Hobbies - Wheels


Amazon - LiPo Charger

Amazon - USB PCI Card


Console Eletronics Order Part 1

Console Eletronics Order Part 2

Home Depot

Home Depot - Bumper

Home Depot - Dashboard

Home Depot - Console Supports

Home Depot - Velcro and Bolts

Home Depot - Computer Mount

Home Depot - Casters

Home Depot - Chassis

McMaster Carr

McMaster Carr - Raw Stock and Fasteners

Ready Made RC

Ready Made RC - Camera

Ready Made RC - Antennas

Robot Shop

Robot Shop - Headers

MSD Cost Sheet

A copy of the MSD Cost Sheet for our project can be seen below. We use this a reference to verify our figures. The differences noted are due to billing processes for 3D printed parts at RIT, so the totals are actually very close.

Cost Sheet 4-11-14

Current Budget