P14226: RC Camera Car


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Faculty Guide
Dr. Adriana Becker-Gomez, axbeec@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Dr. Juan Cockburn, jcceec@rit.edu
Project: RC Camera Car P14226

Driving Test 3-8-14

RC Camera Car with Torque Vectoring Imagine RIT 2014

Project Pictures
Status as of 3-17-14 Final Concept/ Promo
Sources Freescale RIT

The world of consumer Do-It-Yourself (DIY) electronics has recently experienced an astounding growth as affordable electronics and internet guides have allowed interested people to build amazing creations. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate how store-bought parts and inexpensive tools can produce a high visibility project that can be displayed at multiple events, including Imagine RIT and the Freescale Cup.

The goal will be realized through the creation of a remote-controlled car that is operated through an immersive, first-person perspective. The output of the multidisciplinary team will need to be both an engaging and entertaining exhibit at events and a motivator for interested individuals to learn more about engineering and Do-It-Yourself project construction.

Freescale Semiconductor, Andy Mastronardi, (Electronic Components)
RIT CE Department, (Components; Vested Interest)
RIT FMS, Chris Furnare, (Console Car Seat)
RIT MSD, Mark Smith, (Student Initiated MSD; $500)
RIT ME Department, Bill Finch, (Computer with Disc Image)
RIT ME Department, Machine Shop, (Table Surface, Casters)
Team Members Contact Information
From Left to Right: Lalit Tanwar, Matthew Morris, Kevin Meehan, Tim Southerton, Brian Grosso, Alex Reid

From Left to Right: Lalit Tanwar, Matthew Morris, Kevin Meehan, Tim Southerton, Brian Grosso, Alex Reid

Member (left to right) Technical Role Team Role Contact
Lalit Tanwar EE - Car Electrical Design Team Facilitator lxt2813@rit.edu
Matthew Morris EE - Console Electrical Design Project Manager mem9836@rit.edu
Kevin Meehan CE - Console Programming Record Keeper kmm2144@rit.edu
Tim Southerton ME - Lead Engineer Initiator/General Contact tgs5800@g.rit.edu
Brian Grosso ME - Chassis/Controls Process Expert btg9033@rit.edu
Alex Reid CE - Peripherals Programming Team Communicator ajr1080@rit.edu