P14226: RC Camera Car
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Problem Definition

Table of Contents

Project Summary

The following documents are the problem statement for the project, along with a one page summary outlining the inital analysis done on the project through this MSD coursework.

Problem Statement

P14226 Project Summary

Use Scenario

A use scenario was made for the educational application of this device, as the demo version would be simplified. This establishes the overall strategy for approaching the project deliverables.

Use Scenario


An initial interview with our customer was completed on 9/5/13, with a follow-up interview on 9/6/13. The following documents show the results of both meetings.

Customer Interview Summary

An additional interview with our sponsor is scheduled for 10/2/13, at the Freescale Symposium. Updates on this meeting are still to come.

Customer Requirements

Based on feedback from our customer and collaborative work from the group, the following needs were established for this project.

Customer Requirements

Engineering Requirements and Project Constraints

Using our knowledge of the intended project goal, the following specifications and constraints were established.

Engineering Requirements and Constraints

House of Quality

In order to some of the trends between customer requirements, engineering requirements, and benchmarking examples, the following House of Quality was completed by our group.

House of Quality

Based on the use of this tool, the following trends were established.

Mapping Trends

From this mapping, the following design drivers and critical design challenges were identified for this project.

Design Drivers and Critical Design Challenges

The House of Quality was updated with new requirements and constraints, but the top mapping was not done as it did not add value.

Updated House of Quality

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Based on discussions with the customer, adviser, and with the group, the following deliverables have been established for the project.