P14226: RC Camera Car
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Project Review

Table of Contents

Problem Definition Review

Problem Definition PDF

Problem Definition PPT

Action Items from Review

Xilinx (ARM processors) possible sponsor of project to be investigated

Driving area for Imagine RIT needs to be investigated

ARM space at Imagine RIT may be able to be used

Imagine RIT needs lead time for space

Might need to set up meeting time for Andy Mastronardi for Oct 2-3

Drones are a possible area for benchmarking

Dr. Yang is the CE professor who may be able to give us CE funding

Include Dr. Becker and sponsors in future documents

Systems Design Review

Systems Design PDF

Systems Design PPT

Action Items from Review

Battery voltage variance could cause speed changes: control algorithm, need for battery voltage indicator, could be on console

Customer may want to use console of choice (laptop, etc...), so how the code goes on it important: might want to do all the calculations on the laptop and send driving commands to the car

Raspberry pi camera is an option, with prototype and many features for $25 or with modules for $45

Gear reduction might be an issue, so consult motor specs because the car might be slow

Battery budget needs to be done with different batteries, as LiPo batteries will not always be available: Ni-Cad, Ni-MH

Possible different battery for camera from car battey

Smaller turning radius possible if some material removed from chassis around wheels

New wheels needed for some suspension

Car turns better to the left

Rotary joint on original chassis keeps three wheels on the ground at all times

Front bumper plastic could be bent upwards to allow for car hitting jumps

Better suspension needed for car

Subsystems Design Review

Subsystems Design PDF

Subsystems Design PPT

Action Items from Review

Seat / pedal adjustability could be accomplished by moving pedals instead of seat

Gas / brake buttons could be mapped to paddle shifters for short operators

Email Dr. Becker about getting Embedded Coder

An IMU might be available for the FRDM board

Max from SAE Team has some IMU information

Give Max Door-Damper Simulink Model

dgd5105 and the Baja Team may have some sponsors for IMU's

Preliminary DDR

A preliminary DDR was completed with Dr. Cockburn and Dr. Becker. The meeting was very helpful in moving forward, and the outcomes can be summarized in the following form.

DDR Outcomes

Detailed Design Review

Detailed Design PDF

Detailed Design PPT

Action Items from Review

Battery pack needs to be picked up from Rick Tolleson - Completed

Freescale bump needs to be brought to MSD area along with foam board testing pieces

Sampling needs to be done as fast as necessary, not as fast as possible

Box of casters available in Dr. Becker's Husband's office - Completed

Motor shield without pins needs to be looked into with Dr. Becker

Electrical schematics need to be labeled better so that it is easy to determine what pins are on what board (motor shield, encoder, etc.)

Dr. Becker may have an additional Logitech steering wheel available

Presentation will be used for Freescale Cup Presentation to freshman

Freescale Cup on April 19th

Need room for additional sensors on chassis (line following, extra holes, extra GPIO pins available, etc.)

Need a failsafe so car shuts off if signal lost so car does not run away

Risk analysis needs to be updated to one single document

Dr. Becker may have an available RC transmitter for testing