P14251: Acoustic Underwater Communications


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Problem Statement

Beginning this year, Boeing and RIT will begin the production of an unmanned underwater robot. One of the key subsystems of this robot will be a limited bandwidth communication system. This subsystem will be designed by RIT to provide underwater acoustic communication between the robot and another underwater source. In future years, it will be combined with several other subsystems to form a fully functioning robot.

Requirements include being able to communicate at a range of 30 meters, be capable of operating despite environmental conditions, and withstand pressures caused by a depth of 10 meters. A communication rate of 15kbps must be obtained while consuming the lowest amount of power possible. The system must be easy to implement into other systems, simple to maintain, and robust. It will have error detection and correction capabilities. Data encryption and compression functionality will be added if time allows.

The communication system will be designed for future integration and expansions made upon this project. Ultimately this project will showcase RIT's technological and production capabilities and lay the groundwork for future Boeing & RIT collaborations.

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Project Name
Acoustic Underwater Communications
Project Number
Project Family
Boeing Underwater Robotics
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Faculty Guide
Les Moore, lmoore@saunders.rit.edu
Primary Customer
Dr. Andres Kwasinski, axkeec@rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support)
Kevin Meredith

Team Members

Left to right: Chris Monfredo, Scott Hambleton, Greg Davis, Chris Johnson, Jon Holton

Left to right: Chris Monfredo, Scott Hambleton, Greg Davis, Chris Johnson, Jon Holton

Member Role Contact
Greg Davis Mechanical Engineer (Team Lead) gnd8546
Scott Hambleton Mechanical Engineer swh7360
Jon Holton Computer Engineer jgh2439
Chris Johnson Electrical Engineer cbj1574
Chris Monfredo Electrical Engineer crm9647

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