P14253: Underwater McKibben Muscle

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The Underwater McKibbens Muscle project will be used to give a green option in the field of deep sea exploration for various reasons. Durable robotic systems that do work in this environment typically use hydraulic systems in order to power the robotic arm. By looking for alternate solutions to providing the robot with motion, there can be a tremendous decrease in the risk of environmental contamination. As the title of the project implies, the McKibbens muscle design is an option to solving this problem. However, as more research is done on the possibilities and implementation of the design commences, there may be alternate equipment choices.

As the underwater robotic system is being optimized through this project, the next problem that will be investigated is the option of having a more dexterous manipulator to complete more complex tasks without having to retrofit the tools that are being used. Having an anthropomorphic hand will allow for an array of options in controlling and using this system. By delving deeper into the possibilities for this project, this system and this field can be greatly advanced.

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