P14254: Underwater Thermoelectric Power Generation

Benchmarking & Research

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Thermoelectric Theory

Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator

Deep Space Thermoelectrics

Existing System Comparision

Author Module Hot Side Cold Side Power Efficiency
Bensaid, Brignone, et al. 2012 Melcor HT2-12-30 Hot air (max 250C) Cold air (ambient) 1.2W 2%
Casano & Piva 2011 NiCr foil electric heater (80C) Fins in water (30C) 1W 0.8%
Crane, LaGrandeur, et al. 2009 Oil at 200C Water at 20C 100-500W ?
Gou, Xiao, & Yang 2010 TEC1-03180T125 water 313-353K ambient air (natural convection) 0.5-15W ?
Haidar & Ghojel 2001 HI-Z Tech. HZ-14 exhaust at 600C, TEM at 210C 40W ?
Heading, Midlam-Mohler, et al. 2008 diesel combustion air with fan 2.5W 0.7%
Kagawa, Sakamoto, & Hirayama 1999 hot oil from incinerator chilled oil 535W 2.8%
Zhu et al. 2011 electric heater 120-150C pumped water (ambient) 50W 3%

Works Cited


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Heat Sources

Increasing TEM Efficiency

Waterproof Enclosures

Sealed Enclosure Connections

Enclosures, Connectors, and Wiring


Analytical Model for Battery Capacity

Battery Balancing Methods

Lithium-Ion Battery Model

Pulse Charging Method

"The Art of Battery Charging"

ACS Charging Algorithm


Max Power Point Tracking

Thermoelectric SPICE model

High Efficiency MPPT

Analog MPPT

Eakburanawat - Thermoelectric battery charger with MPPT

Comparison of MPPT methods