P14254: Underwater Thermoelectric Power Generation

Project Plan

Table of Contents


Simple System

Regardless of the solution to our problem, our system will need to contain:

Overarching Requirements

Each basic system element will have to include thermal analysis and testability.

Member Roles

Reggie Pierce will handle the thermoelectrics (and possibly the heat source) because he has expertise in thermoelectrics. He will also take care of the cabling.

The remainder of the mechanical systems, namely the heat source, insulation, clamping, heat sink, and enclosure will be tackled by Charles Alexander, Tom Christen and Kim Maier, the other three mechanical engineers.

The electronics and battery will be handled by Zack Mink and Matt Fister, the electrical engineers. Matt will focus on the battery and Zack on the maximum power point tracking and controls.

Detailed Project Plans

System Design Plan

Detailed Design Plan