P14311: PCB Isolation Routing System


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At the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), students with needs for printed circuit board technologies are often faced with a series of challenges in creating unique boards. The typical fabrication process includes chemical etching by an external company, which can be time consuming when multiple iterations of a prototype board are needed. Sending designs to be fabricated off-campus can also be very costly. To reduce lead times and cost, project P14311 has developed an isolation routing system to be used by the Center for Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly on RIT’s campus.

An isolation routing system has the capability to reduce lead-times while allowing students to gain first-hand experience with circuit board fabrication at a more affordable cost. The assembled PCB Isolation Routing System developed by the P14311 team has capabilities to fabricate boards as large as 5” x 5” in area, with tolerances of .001”. Many system processes have been automated through the use of Mach3 software. Finally, a debris management system and a safety system was developed to manage material debris and protect the user from the machining process, meeting RIT’s Environmental Health and Safety standards for lab equipment.

Project Name
PCB Isolation Routing System
Project Number
Start Term
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Faculty Guides
Vince Burolla
Primary Customer
Jeff Lonneville, jplasp@rit.edu
Sponsor (technical support)
Rob Scott, Scott Systems

Team Members

P14311 Team Photo

P14311 Team Photo

Member Role Contact
Matthew Clark Lead Mechanical Engineer mmc5942@rit.edu
Marley Collier Sears ME Interface Manager mpc8102@rit.edu
Sarah Duman Project Manager snd3070@rit.edu
Richard Kalb Lead Electrical Engineer rak4607@rit.edu
Joseph Post Embedded Controls jxp2268@rit.edu
Zoe Rabinowitz Safety and Documentation Manager zbr4212@rit.edu
Kevin Richard EE Interface Manager kmr9056@rit.edu

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