P14315: Universal Pump Data Acquisition System


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Pulsafeeder would like to have a Data Acquisition System for their pumps. Such a system would acquire vital pump statistics and run analysis that would measure the pumps performance against the design specifications. This would allow Pulsafeeder to gain valuable information on their products and see when/where preventative maintenance is required to prolong the life of the pump. Currently Pulsafeeder does not have a system to continuously collect and store data and relies on post-mortem analysis to find the root cause of pump failure.

This project will put together a system to collect, analyze and store vital pump data. It will be portable and may be running for a given pump on long or short term basis in a laboratory environment. It will be specifically designed for the eclipse series pumps, but must be extendable to as many other product lines as possible.

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Project Name
Universal Pump Data Acquisition System
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Faculty Guide
Leo Farnand
Primary Customer
Fran Snyder
Sponsor (financial support)
Pulsafeeder, Inc.

Team Members

 Our Team

Our Team

Member Discipline Role Contact
Peter Pietrantoni Mechanical Engineer Project Manager pap7763@rit.edu
Kyle Courtney Industrial and Systems Engineer Costing and Workflow Lead ktc4192@rit.edu
Kyle Tomsic Electrical Engineer Lead Programmer / Notetaker kat6304@rit.edu
Benjamin Hanna Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Design Lead / Webmaster bth6727@rit.edu
Steven LaPlant Electrical Engineer Electrical Design Lead scl9359@rit.edu
Matthew Joyner Computer Engineer Computer Interface Lead mwj3604@rit.edu
Taylor Sheive Electrical Engineer Electrical Interface Lead tms9410@rit.edu

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Planning & Execution

Problem Definition

Systems Design

Sub-System Design

Detailed Design

Project Reviews

Planning & Execution

Build, Test, Document

Technical Paper


Final Presentation

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