P14315: Universal Pump Data Acquisition System
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Planning & Execution

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Team Norms & Values

Attendance - It is necessary for all group members to attend and participate in planned meetings. If unable to attend a meeting, the project leader must be notified. If a member is late to a meeting, they will be contacted by phone 15 minutes after the scheduled start time and the meeting may begin without them. It is expected that meetings are attended with an attitude willing to work towards the completion of the project.

Performance - All members are encouraged to SPEAK UP as everyone's opinion is important to the group. Members are expected to follow the planning timeline and have all work completed in a timely fashion. If the workload becomes too heavy for a member it is their responsibility to notify the Project Manager so that the work can be distributed evenly. Strengths will be honored and recognized by the Project Manager. Members will be HONEST and own the work that they do.

Ethics - The RIT code of ethics shall be adhered to.

Reliability - Members are to keep the team apprised of their availability. Open COMMUNICATION is key to a successful team. Between teammates email should be answered within 24-hours, and text/voicemail within 12-hours. Members will meet deadlines or give ample warning if it is apparent deadlines are not adequate or there are extenuating circumstances.

Documentation - Team members should document all ideas. All formal documentation is to be put on EDGE. References must be included where applicable.

Decisions - Decision will be made using MAJORITY VOTE, with supporting documentation

We believe it is important for all members to have FUN while completing this project. Having fun is part of the learning process and team building for a successful project.

Project Plans & Schedules



See here for a list of this project's stakeholders.

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions


Preliminary Customer Needs Document (08/28/2013)

Meeting Minutes from 8/29 regular meeting at 10:00 AM

Meeting notes from 8/29 customer meeting

Meeting minutes from 9/3 regular meeting at 10:00 AM

Meeting minutes from 9/5 from class

Meeting minutes from 9/10 regular meeting at 10:00 AM and class time discussion

Notes from 9/12 design review at 2:30 PM

Meeting minutes from 9/17 regular meeting at 10:00 AM and class time

Meeting minutes from 9/24 regular meeting at 10:00 AM and class time

Notes from 9/26 class discussion

Notes from 10/1 System Design Review

Notes from 10/8 customer meeting (System Design Review)

Notes from class time (10/8)

Notes from 10/14 class meeting

Notes from 10/17 class meeting

Notes from 10/18 meeting with Horner rep

Notes from 10/22 class meeting

Notes from 10/24 subsystem review

Notes from 10/29 subsystem review at Pulsafeeder

Notes from 10/31 class meeting

Notes from 11/5 class meeting

Notes from 11/5 class meeting

Notes from 11/7 class meeting

Notes from 11/12 class meeting

Notes from 11/14 class meeting

Notes from 11/19 class meeting

Notes from 11/21 class meeting

Notes from 11/26 class meeting

Notes from 12/3 class meeting

Notes from 12/5 DDR

Miscellaneous notes from the end of MSD I

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