P14315: Universal Pump Data Acquisition System
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Sub-System Design

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Sub-Systems Design

Critical Sub-Systems are outlined below. For each sub-system, alternatives must be considered, feasibility must be shown, requirements must flow down to the subsystems, and next level functional decompositions must be made.


Inputs / Outputs

Programmable Logic Controller

Controller Functional Decomposition

Analysis Software (To be run on PC)

Analysis Software Functional Decomposition

Analysis Software Pugh Chart

For determining programming language for implementation.
Feature Excel macro Application Programming Language (e.g. Java) Scripting Language
Customer background Datum - -
Ease of maintenance Datum - -
Ease of adding functionality Datum Same Same
Development time Datum - -
Platform avalability Datum - -
Totals Datum 0+
Net: -3
Net: -3

Sample Analysis Software GUI

PC Communication Pugh Chart

For determining method of communicating data to a PC.
Feature Flash Storage USB Ethernet
Ease of Implementation Datum - -
Speed Datum + +
Hardware Cost Datum Same Same
Conveneance Datum Same Same
Totals Datum 1+
Net: 0
Net: 0



Enclosure Functional Decomposition

A pdf version of the functional decomposition can be seen here

Enclosure Heat Transfer

To determine whether or not cooling is necessary inside the enclosure, the inside temperature must be determined. The first level temperature analysis can be seen below.

A pdf version of the spreadsheet can be seen here

Note: The next step in the heat calculations is to determine more precise convection coefficients, the current values (2 W/m^2*K) are worst case and may not be an accurate portrayal. The Heat Generated needs to also be finalized based upon the Power Supply that will be selected. Based upon this first level analysis, some sort of cooling needs to be provided.

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