P14315: Universal Pump Data Acquisition System
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Systems Design

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See here for Benchmarking

Morphological Chart

Enclosure and Controller can be clicked on to view Pugh Diagrams for those components' selection
Sensors Digital Analog Remote sensors Wifi sensors Smart sensors
Data Storage SD card USB drive Cloud storage
Data Processing PC Microcontroller PLC Single board computer Digital Signal Processor
Enclosure Plastic Metal Foam Cart with sides
Display Touchscreen GUI Light board LCD Screen Sound/Audio Phone notification Web page PC
Failsafes Relay Fuse Lock out, tag out Interlocks Big red button Fluid level sensor Software
Controller PC Microcontroller PLC Single board computer Digital Signal Processor

Functional Decomposition

Functional Decomposition

Systems Architecture

This section is to show the possible concepts of how the Data Acquisition System will work.

Current System

The current method used by Pulsafeeder to gather pump data is as follows:

Original System

First Concept

The first concept the team discussed is seen below:

First Concept

Second Concept

The second concept discussed by the team is shown below. Note it is very similar to the first, but with the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) inside the Data Acquisition System box. This means that high voltage would be going through the enclosed deliverable.

Second Concept

Test Plan

See here for initial test plan.

Risk Assessment

See here for Risk Assessment document.
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