P14345: Hybrid Audio Dynamics Processor

Build, Test, Document

Table of Contents

Documented Problems

This document contains a summary of all documented problems.

Problem Tracking Table

A critical problem was caused by Keil not being configured properly. As a result, we have a document detailing how to properly set up Keil with the STM32F3.

STM32 Guide

Build, Test, and Integrate

Bill of Materials

MSD II Schedule

Detailed Math Information

Enclosure Drawing

Back and Panel Holes

Archive of Hardware Files

Test Plans & Test Results

Hardware Test Plans/Results

Software Test Plans/Results

Qualitative Test Plans/Results

We have included the status (red/yellow/green) of our customer and engineering requirements based on the final status of our project.

Requirements Status

Technical Paper/Poster/User Manual


Technical Paper

User Manual


Our code contains packages included with the STM32F3 microcontroller. We have included our main C file as well as the interrupt C file as these were the only files to which we added code. We have also included an assembly file that we downloaded for a logarithmic function. The project files for Keil and all of the source are included in a compressed file. Our readme file from the compressed projects has been converted to pdf.

Main C File

Interrupt C File

Logarithmic Assembly File

Readme File

Compressed Keil Project Files. The code used for our final project is located in the "System" Project.

We have posted our source code on GitHub.

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