P14345: Hybrid Audio Dynamics Processor


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The Hybrid Audio Processor is device that allows audio professionals to control the amplitude profile of various source audio signals, most notably audio sources used in Motion Picture Pre-Show. An amplitude profile influences the way humans perceive sound. We often use words like ‘punchy’, ‘loud’, or ‘full’ when describing the amplitude profile. Being able to control the amplitude profile is very useful. It allows for the user to create interesting, dynamic sounds that please listeners, as well as provide protection for down stream devices.

Current dynamics processors on the market are high cost and lack some flexibility. This device would allow for advanced control while maintaining ultimate high audio fidelity. It would also be intuitive with familiar, industry standard controls. The device would also have user savable settings as well as try to achieve a lower cost than comparable units. Current professional units have a variety of design trade-offs that do not provide the optimal user experience that is described above.

The goal of this project is identify the needs of Motion Picture Pre-Show industry and develop a product that fit’s their needs, while maintaining the familiar attributes of common dynamics processors.

The Project Readiness Package contains more information on this project.

Project Name
Hybrid Analog and Digital Audio Dynamics Processor
Project Number
Start Term
2135, Spring 2014
End Term
2141, Fall 2014
Faculty Guide
Leslie Moore, lmoore@saunders.rit.edu
Primary Customer
Kate Gleason College of Engineering (student proposed project)
Sponsor (financial support)
Kate Gleason College of Engineering, Albert J Simone Center for Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Team Members

 Team Photo

Team Photo

Member Role Contact
William Sender Team Leader, Electrical Engineer wxs6328@rit.edu
Michael Ferry Electrical Engineer mpf9090@rit.edu
Bryan Beatrez Electrical Engineer bpb4868@rit.edu
Jeffery Auclair Electrical Engineer jda3800@rit.edu

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Systems Design

Detailed Design

Project Review

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Planning & Execution

Build, Test, Document

Project Review

Final Presentation

Technical Paper



This project would not have been possible without the technical guidance of Les Moore, Mark Indovina, and Dorin Patru.

Also, a special thanks to Gene Goff, Dan Szaba, and Joey White of Ashly Audio for their technical guidance throughout this project. They provided helpful technical advice and valuable information that helped to shape our design.