P14346: Environmental ADC Interface


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As group P14346 we are tasked with the assignment, assigned by George Slack, to design, build and program an engaging Analog-to-Digital evaluation system. This system will analyze the error when converting analog signal into a digital signal. The device, known as an Environmental Analog-to-Digital Converter Interface, will have 6 different analog sensors. These sensors will be able to engage one of three different converters. The device will be provided with a theoretical textbook, device manual and learning module. The assignment will facilitate a new engaging process, where students can expand knowledge in an area of engineering that is everlasting and crucial in circuit design.

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Environmental ADC Interface
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George Slack
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George Slack
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RIT Kate Gleason College of Engineering, George Slack

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Team Picture

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Marissa Fox Electrical Engineer maf2045@rit.edu
Zeeshan Amin Electrical Engineer zma1172@rit.edu
Kevin Oswald Electrical Engineer kco6365@rit.edu
Edward Wlodarczyk Electrical Engineer epw9154@rit.edu
Ory Maimon Electrical Engineer oam4647@rit.edu
Caleb Stephens Electrical Engineer cjs8410@rit.edu

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