P14346: Environmental ADC Interface

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Most of the ADC evaluation boards available are restricted to one particular kind of ADC. Companies making such boards make them compatible with their own ADC modules only. It is considerably challenging for MSD students to find that one particular board for the module they are working with. This also makes it difficult to compare different ADC modules. The idea of making a universal board which evaluates all kinds of ADC modules is highly beneficial and could be time-saving. Some of the evaluation boards we have looked into are:

1. Maxim MAX 109 Evaluation Kit evaluates MAX 109 8 bits 2.2 Gsps ADC converter

2. MCP3901 ADC Evaluation Board evaluates MCP3901 dual channel ADC and can also be used as a development platform for 16-bit PIC based applications

3. TI ADS4149 ADC Evaluation Module evaluates TI ADS4149 14-bit 250 Msps ADC converter DATUM

4. Cirrus Logic CS5346 evaluates CS5346 audio ADC (24-bit serial values at 192kHz)

Concept Development (generation, improvement, selection)

Concept Screening

Developing Alternatives

Functional Decomposition

Functional Decomposition

Level 0 Functions

Systems Architecture

Test Fixture

Learning Module

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Basic Engineering Analysis

Risk Assessment

Systems Design Review

Problem Definition Review

Systems Design Review

Review Agenda

Design Review Data Sheet

Revised Customer Requirements

Revised Engineering Requirements

Updated Project Plan

Test Plan

Team Meeting Log

Sub-Systems Design Review

Review Agenda

Design Project Data Sheet

Critical Systems

Sub-System Architecture

Pugh Matrix MSP430

Engineering Analysis

Test Plan

Learning Modules

Risk Management


Project Planning

Actions Items

Sub-Systems Review

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