P14347: Wildlife Tracker


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Bow and arrow hunting is a popular outdoor activity. Current arrows may fatally injure the wildlife being hunted, though the animal may not drop in place. Animals that are fatally injured can travel a substantial distance before their death.

To help locate the wildlife and avoid wasteful killing, a reusable wildlife tracking device will be deployed with the shot arrow and detach upon impact. This device will track the movements of the injured animal and relay that information to a user pocket monitor allowing a hunter to recover the wildlife as well as the tracking device.

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Tim holding compound bow

Tim holding compound bow

Project Name
Wildlife Tracker
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Autonomous Systems and Controls
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Faculty Guide
Art North, ajnddm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Dr. Eli Saber, esseee@rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support)
See Primary Customer

Team Members

From left to right: Frank, Alex, Tim, Joey, and Eric

From left to right: Frank, Alex, Tim, Joey, and Eric

Member Role Contact
Eric Peterson Team Leader/EE emp8453@rit.edu
Alex Pelkey ME atp1025@rit.edu
Joesph Ciccarello EE jxc8299@rit.edu
Frank Meola EE fhm7064@gmail.com
Timothy Nash ME ten5270@rit.edu


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Arrow Attachment Concept

Arrow Attachment Concept

Arrow Attachment Concept (open)

Arrow Attachment Concept (open)

User Device Concept

User Device Concept

Arrow Attachment Prototype

Arrow Attachment Prototype

User Device Prototype

User Device Prototype


Dr. Eli Saber

Dr. Eli Saber

Linx Technologies

Linx Technologies