P14347: Wildlife Tracker

Planning & Execution

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Benchmarking and Intellectual Property Considerations

There are already game tracking devices on the market, and there are numerous patents that exist that directly relate to this project.
GameVector Deer Tracking System

GameVector Deer Tracking System

The GameVector Deer tracking system is currently on the market for $389.99 and includes a detachable tracking device that sticks to the arrow until impact and a handheld user device that tracks the position of the detachable device. More information can be found at game-vector.com

Patents for Reference/Consideration:

US20130176110 A1

US8323132 B2

more to come...

Team Code of Ethics


Each member is responsible for work that they are delegated. Tasks should be completed, and on-time. In the case where something goes wrong and this is not possible, the rest of the team must be notified within a reasonable time frame. Members will actively assign themselves work on a voluntary basis, with the idea of maintaining an even distribution of work as needed. Each member must be accountable for their own decisions and take appropriate action when necessary.

Roles and Responsibilities:

It is expected that voluntary delegation of tasks will occur such that a particular task is geared towards a team member's skill set, or area of expertise. Work assignments will take place in a group setting. Presenting and discussing problems to the rest of the team is important such that it will facilitate the possibility of another team member being able solve a particular issue.


Group text message, e-mail, and in-person discussion will serve as primary methods of communication. Team members will readily provide updates on tasks-in-progress. In a group setting, each member should be given the chance to provide input, be open with their ideas, and maintain a level of professionalism.


For decisions that require a group setting, trust between members is imperative for issues that involve a person's particular skill set. If this is not an option, a consensus must be reached within the group. As a last resort, a majority vote will determine the outcome of a decision. Conflict within the team will be addressed maturely, and flexibly depending on the situation.


The guide will act as a mentor to the team. Updates on progress will regularly be communicated to the guide as a way to confirm the progress being made as well as serve as a way to receive constructive criticism. In addition, if the team comes across a problem that cannot be solved internally, the guide will be contacted in an effort to determine a solution.

Project Plans & Schedules

MSD I Project Plan

Risk Assessment

Created in MSD I and updated throughout the project as needed.

Peer Reviews


Project Reviews

Phase I Presentation

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