P14372: Actively Stabilized Handheld Laser Pointer

Systems Design

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Test Bench Designs:
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This test bench was found in the article, "Measurement Method for Image Stabilizing Systems" by Golik and Wueller.
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This test bench was our own design with the device sitting on top of the machine. Top view of a proposed design for the housing. This is where all components will be located with the exception of the battery. Side view of the same proposed design for the housing.

Functional Decomposition

Systems Architecture

The top left is showing the high level flow of our system. The top right and both bottom diagrams are showing the components that could be used to complete the identified high level flow. The three component diagrams are based on our final concept alternatives.

Concept Development

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We evaluated some of our possible solutions for each sub-function to create a condensed Morph Table to then use to develop concept alternatives. Below are the four alternatives that we developed through Morphological Analysis.

Concept Selection: Pugh Matrix

Concept 3 is the datum.
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Based on the results, we chose to do a second iteration with Concept 1 as our datum to compare Concepts 2 and 3. We chose to not continue with Concept 4.
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Based on the results, we have 2 feasible concepts: Concept 1 and 3. The decision that still needs to be made is between analog and digital; we are still waiting to hear back from our customer with respect to this issue.

Risk Assessment

Systems Design Review

Feedback Items:

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