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For an updated project description, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package.

One or two paragraphs that provide a general description of the project in terms of background, motivation(s), customer(s), and overall objective(s). Use your creative talents to include photos, short video clips, or other information to quickly and effectively help prospective student team members learn what the project is all about, and how they would be able to contribute.

Before modifying your team's website, take a few minutes to explore the directory structure for your team's EDGE project and consider how you want to organize your files.

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Table of Contents

Content Guidelines: Use these links below (or customize with links of your own, if appropriate for your project) to guide you in populating your website. A few points to consider:


Photo Gallery

Planning & Execution

Problem Definition

Systems Design

Detailed Design

Project Review

Photo Gallery

Planning & Execution

Build, Test, Document

Project Review

Final Presentation

Technical Paper