P14415: P3 Arborloo Plastic Base Development

Post DDR Actions

We have addressed many issues so far that were brought up during our DDR. We modified our rebar design to help address the concerns related to manufacturability. Now the rebar will be welded as two separate portions (similar to pound signs), which will then be slid into the vacuum formed plastic. This was to address concerns that welding the rebar in place would be difficult or impractical. Additionally, the concern for this design that the rebar would be cumbersome while moving has been moved to our problem tracker, along with the concern that the rebar wouldn’t be straight enough. The supports for design 2 were also slightly modified to create a sort of “handle” to enable a person to move it from site to site easier. We have also added knobs for handles on both designs to give the use something to grab onto while opening the lids on the designs while they’re in use.

Actions Taken

Problem Tracking

MSDII Project Plan

Manufacturing Costs

Design 1

Design 2

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