P14415: P3 Arborloo Plastic Base Development

Problem Definition

Problem Definition

The arborloo is a simple latrine built over a small pit, which when filled is then moved to a new pit location. The old, filled pit then has vegetation planted on top of it, such as a fruit tree. The device is meant to improve the sanitation conditions in rural areas of Haiti.

The objective of this project is to design an arborloo base that reduces the factors that block adoption by the Haitian people, and is: low cost, plastic, portable, easily constructed, modern looking, and safe to use.

The current arborloo design is difficult to adopt in rural areas due to high cost and transportation difficulties. Furthermore, the time, skills, and tools required to construct the base are preventing widespread adoption.

The intended latrine base designs and prototypes should be consistent with the current arborloo design, while incorporating the use of plastics. The designs need to be portable, easy to assemble, and low cost. This project team will develop 3 to 4 concept designs, ultimately leading to 2 functional prototypes.

Project Summary

1-Page Summary

Customer Requirements (Needs)

Customer Requirements

Engineering Requirements (Specifications)

Engineering Requirements

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