P14417: B9 French Press Particle Filter


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The goal of this Multidisciplinary Senior Design project is to help a local non-profit organization, B9 Plastics, save lives with their “Better Water Maker” (BWM) water disinfection system by creating a pre-filter for the product. The BWM is designed for use in developing countries where water is unsafe for drinking and electricity is scarce. The current BWM is a batch Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system that treats ½ gallon per minute of water at a time, utilizing a manual hand crank (or another 12v source) to provide power to its pump and UV light. As with all treatment systems that use UV light to disinfect water, the effectiveness of the system depends on the source water being relatively clear, particle free, and free of dissolved UV absorbing compounds, hence the need to a pre-filter before using the BWM if the source water does not meet these conditions.

B9 would like to develop an inexpensive filter that would either have a very long life before replacement is required or that can be recharged/backwashed in the field for continued use and eliminate problems that currently exist. A previous design team designed a "French-Press" style filter. The previous design has several issues. First, the buckets used were all tapered, meaning the filter would have to undergo a large change in diameter as it is pushed through the water. The filter was also difficult to remove from the device due to suction from the forces on the filter. Additionally, after continued use, the handle loosened considerably, and wasn’t able to be retightened.

Project Name
B9 Plastics Particle Filter
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Faculty Guide
Gerald Garavuso, gxgddm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
B9 Plastics
Kate Chamberlain, KateC@B9Plastics.org
Bob Bechtold, bxb@Harbec.com
Sponsor (financial support)
Chris Fisher, MSD Office

Team Members

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Daniel Anderson (PM) Industrial Engineer dma4897@rit.edu
Tom Heberle Mechanical Engineer twh8770@rit.edu
Perry Hosmer Mechanical Engineer pah6448@rit.edu
Karina Roundtree Mechanical Engineer kar8542@rit.edu
Kelly Stover Industrial Engineer kms8411@rit.edu

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