P14418: B9 Power Generation for Better Water Maker
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Problem Objective

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Project Summary

Every 20 seconds another child dies from a preventable waterborne illness caused by poor quality water, sanitation and hygiene. B9 Plastics, a not-for-profit organization, manufacture the “Better Water Maker” (BWM); a human-powered water purification device. The BWM is designed as a hand-crank to provide the power to the UV-bulb in order to “clean” the water. Past RIT MSD projects had very similar needs and requirements but were not successful in developing a desirable product. Since the generator will be used mostly by women and children, it must be re-designed to reduce the user’s effort. It is our team’s goal to produce a prototype that provides the minimum power of 17W while making it fun and easy to use. By using proven technology and off-the-shelf components, our team will provide a suitable product that ideally has the potential for mass production. The Better Water Maker produces gallons of sanitized water for pennies, which is exactly what people need in developing worlds. Systems were field tested in Africa, Haiti, Peru, Tibet, Nicaragua and Iraq. A hundred units now operate in 17 countries.

Problem Statement

The Better Water Maker was developed to disinfect water in nations with high mortality rates due to poor water and sanitation systems. The goal of our team is to provide a low cost, efficient power generation system for the Better Water Maker that does not tire the user while it is fun and easy to use.


Project Goals and Key Deliverables

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