P14418: B9 Power Generation for Better Water Maker
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Methods of Testing

In order to properly select a motor or motors for the power generation unit, we first have to understand the motor's specification as a generator. Dr. Kempski loaned our team a servo-motor, an Electro-craft E570. Since the specifications of the motor cannot be obtained on the internet, we tested the RPM and output voltage by using a frequency strobe light. The results show a perfectly linear relationship. The motors we will test for our project will be mated with this servo motor on a 1:1 gear ratio. We will be able to measure the voltage and current that the motor produces by using the servo motor data collected in this initial test below:

Motor Testing

Creating power curves for multiple motors will help us understand the back compatibility of the DC motors. We then may be able to modify our design to reduce the inertia felt by the user, therefore make the unit easier to use.

LED Testing

Generator Circuit Test Plan

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