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Seat Assembly

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Seating Structure

The seating sub system had several considerations. First, the recumbent bicycle design requires a backing for comfort. Also, a track is incorporated to allow the gearbox to adjust closer to or further away from the user.

Ergonomic Research

In order to determine the proper length of the track, leg length was calculated from census data research for adults and children.

Click here for an ergonomics book used for seating design.


Track Design

Hardware Selection

For the gearbox to be easily moved into the most comfortable position for each user, the hardware used to attach the gearbox to the track must be easy to undo and durable enough to be put on and taken off many times. The two major contenders for the design of this component were a cotter pin and a wing nut. (It had already been decided that the pin would be a simple eye bolt.) The team made a detailed cost analysis of the two option and found that, mostly due to the detailed machining that would be required for the cotter pin, the wingnut would be a cheaper and easier solution.

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