P14418: B9 Power Generation for Better Water Maker

5-Detailed Design - Directory contents

Capacitor Testing display
DDR_Documents display
24T pic.PNG display
56T pic.PNG display
8-tooth Pinion Gear display
8T pic.PNG display
96-tooth Gear display
96T pic.PNG display
Analysis display
Assembly display
Assembly gearbox sub.pdf display
Assembly process gearbox.pdf display
Assembly process gearbox.xlsx display
BMW Process Sheets new.pdf display
BOM display
Back Wall display
Backrest display
Backrest Support display
Bike Dynamics site.jpg display
Bill of Materials-Rev1.pdf display
Bucket Supports display
Bucket.PNG display
Cost display
Cotter_wing.jpg display
DDR display
DDR Presentation.pdf display
DDR Presentation.pptx display
Design Details display
Design For Assembly Analysis display
Design For Assembly Fishbone display
Detailed Design display
Drawings display
Electric Sample orders proof.png display
Electronics display
Electronics BOM and Cost Analysis.pdf display
EndUserTestPlans.pdf display
Entire Assembly display
Ergonomics Analysis display
Estimated Electric Costs display
Eye Bolt pic.PNG display
Eye Bolt.PNG display
Eye Bolts display
Gear Tooth Analysis display
Gearbox display
Gearbox Assembly display
Gearbox Sub Assembly display
Gearbox assy.PNG display
Generator Circuit display
Generator Circuit Test Plan display
Height_ver1.jpg display
Height_ver2.jpg display
Intermediate Drive Shaft display
Intermediate Shaft display
LED Testing Report display
Lumber display
Lumber Quote.pdf display
Main Shaft display
Models display
Models and Simulations display
Motor_Test_1.jpg display
Motor_Test_1.pdf display
Motor_Test_1.xlsx display
Motor_Test_2.pdf display
Motor_Test_2.xlsx display
P14418_BWM_DDR.pdf display
PVCWallAnalysis.pdf display
Preliminary Electric Purchase display
Pretty BOM.pdf display
Process Sheets for Assembly and Use display
Purchase Orders display
Seat Assembly display
Seat Ergonomics1.PNG display
Seat Ergonomics2.PNG display
Seat and Gearbox assy.PNG display
Seatandbackrest.JPG display
Seatback display
Seating Ergonomics display
Side Walls display
Sleeve Bearings.PNG display
System.jpg display
Testing display
Thumbs.db display
Tolerance Stackup display
Top and Bottom Walls display
Track display
Track Analysis display
Track Analysis(2).PNG display
Track Analysis.PNG display
Track Analysis_E.jpg display
Track Ergonomics display
Track pic.PNG display
Track-Gearbox Bracket display
Track-Gearbox Bracket.PNG display
Track-Gearbox Brackets display
Voltage comparison.pdf display
back rest pic.PNG display
back wall pic.PNG display
bucket pic.PNG display
bucket support pic.PNG display
collar.PNG display
front wall pic.PNG display
gear tooth analysis.jpg display
gearbox.JPG display
intermediate shaft pic.PNG display
motortest1.jpg display
motortest2.jpg display
motortestcircuit.jpg display
motortestsetup.jpg display
seatandtrack.JPG display
tall person track analysis.jpg display
tall person track closeup.jpg display
track ergonomics.PNG display
~$Motor_Test_2.xlsx display