P14419: High Tunnel

Detailed Design

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Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Need to add a link but refer to the systems design page for simulation results. No prototyping will take place until MSDII.

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Bill of Material (BOM)

Water System BOM
Item Quantity Item Quantity
115V industrial diaphragm pump 1 Downspout adapter 2
Gutters (10' sections) 12 Gutter end caps 2
Gutter brackets 36 Lumber ~~~~~~
Gutter slip joints 12 Water tanks(500 gallon?) 2
Gutter mounting screws 48 Tank outlet valves 2
Gutter seal lubricant 1 Hose adaptors to fit valves 2
Conduit clamps 2 Tank cap seals 2
High flow drop outlets 4 Wire nuts 16
Downspouts 2 Wire 25'
Downspout elbow 2 Garden hoses 2
Filter 1 Connector tubing 8'
Power switch 1 Drip lines 4
Pump 1 Line emitter valves 8
Pressure regulator 1 Hose clamps 6
Header line 24' Drip line ends 4

Light System BOM

Item QTY
Ballast 8
600 W Metal Halide Bulb 8
Reflectors 8
Timers (optional) 2
Light Meter (optional) 1

Paneling BOM

Paneling Breakdown Quantity Needed
ft^2 m^2
Sidewalls 480 44.6
End Walls 360 33.4
Roof 969.6 90.1

Test Plans

Testing Of Subsurface Heating

Panel Hardness Testing

Change-Over Time/Interaction

Air/Soil Temperature Changes Due to Halide Lighting

Risk Assessment

See the risk assessment section on the following page: Planning & Execution

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