P14421: Next Generation Smart PV Panel

Planning & Execution

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Team Norms & Values

As a team, we have agreed to abide by the following code of ethics.
  1. All team members are expected to communicate effectively and professionally. Should any needs, conflicts, concerns, etc. arise, they should be brought to the intention of the group and addressed.
  2. A balanced work distribution will be achieved the honor system. Team members should volunteer to complete tasks. Constant evaluation of workloads and communication within the team will ensure that work distribution remains fair.
  3. Team roles and responsibilities will be delegated first by field of expertise. After that, tasks will be assigned on a volunteer basis. If no volunteers are present, tasks will be assigned based on current workload distribution.
  4. Individual strengths will be honored with delegation of appropriate tasks, as well as trust in decisions made regarding those tasks.
  5. Weekly meetings will be held with the team and the faculty guide to ensure regular communication. Outside of those meetings, email should be used first to communicate with the guide.
  6. Email, weekly meetings, as well as lecture periods will all be used as a means of communication between the team.
  7. Decisions will be made on a situational basis. Individual expertise will be trusted when appropriate. If the decision concerns the group as a whole, a consensus should be reached before any plan is put into action.
  8. All team members are expected to complete their assigned tasks in a timely manner. A quality of work that is acceptable to the whole group should be kept.
  9. Conflicts within the group should be resolved based on the concerned parties. Individual conflicts should be resolved first between the individuals and then follow a chain of command to the group and then the group and the faculty guide. Conflicts concerning the whole group should be resolved within the group and then continue the chain of command.

Project Plans & Schedules

Project Plan and Schedule

Project Plan and Schedule

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking Chart

Problem Tracking Chart

Engineering Design Competition Research

Engineering Design Competition Research

Peer and Faculty Feedback

Problem Definition Review Feedback

Subsystem Design Review Feedback

System Level Design Review Feedback

Detailed Design Review Feedback

Project Reviews


Problem Definition Review Powerpoint

Problem Definition Review Notes

System Design Review Powerpoint

Subsystem Design Review Powerpoint

Detailed Design Review Powerpoint

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