P14421: Next Generation Smart PV Panel

Subsystems Design

Table of Contents

Through the subsystems design process, extensive initial research was completed in order to prove feasibility of the project. Research was also done on selection of components, which developed into a top level BOM.


 Atmega 328P Microcontroller

Atmega 328P Microcontroller

Atmel's ATMega328P 8-Bit Processor in 28 pin DIP package with in system programmable flash


Power Electronics


Three environment variables will be monitored - ambient temperature, ambient light, and panel output voltage. These three environment variables provide the necessary knowledge to judge the presence of snow.

Ambient Temperature Sensor

Ambient Light Sensor

Additionally, type K thermocouples will be used, in conjunction with the AD595 thermocouple amplifier, to monitor panel temperature for control feedback.

Type-K Thermocouple

Thermocouple Amplifier

Bill of Material (BOM)

Bill of Materials Excel File

Test Plans

Copper Ink Initial Testing

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Design Reviews

Subsystem Design Review Presentation

Presentation, notes, actions from all appropriate reviews.

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