P14452: Dresser-Rand Compressor Wired Data Recorder


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The purpose of this project is to design a universal data recording device to monitor the health of a Dresser-Rand compressor during operation. In particular, this device must be able to operate in a hazardous environment where traditional wired solutions are difficult or even impossible to implement. It will also need to record analog data from a variety of sensors, at multiple predefined sampling rates.

The previous iteration of this project was able to wirelessly transmit shaft vibration data, while mounted on a moving component of the compressor, but was unable to prove that that the timestamps for particular samples were synchronized with the data points. For this next iteration of the design, two new devices shall be developed which improve upon the previous design in size, weight, and flexibility of configuration. The first device shall be able to function in a harsh environment (high temperature, pressure, oil, vibration). The second device shall function in normal laboratory conditions, but on a miniature scale.

Project Name
Reciprocating Compressor: Universal Wired Data Recording Device
Project Number
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End Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. Bill Nowak
Primary Customer
Dr. Jason Kolodziej
Sponsor (financial support)
Dresser-Rand (OLN), James Sorokes
Dresser-Rand (PPT), Scott Delmotte

Team Members

Left-Right: Dennis Canosa, Chris Stewart, Matt Rodriguez, Bryan Meyers

Left-Right: Dennis Canosa, Chris Stewart, Matt Rodriguez, Bryan Meyers

Member Role Contact
Bryan Meyers Team Leader / CE btm5529@rit.edu
Chris Stewart ME ces2242@rit.edu
Dennis Canosa ME dxc9932@rit.edu
Matt Rodriguez EE mbr6486@rit.edu

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Problem Definition

Systems Design

Detailed Design

Planning & Execution

Build, Test, Document


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