P14453: Dresser-Rand Compresser Bearing Dynamic Similarity Tester

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Bill of Materials: P14453 BOM - Revised

Purchase Log: P14453 Purchase Log

Quotes: P14453 Procurement Quotes

Receipts: P14453 Purchase Receipts

Problem Tracking & Solving

Problem Tracking Workbook: P14453 Problem Tracking Log

Bearing Housing PUGH: P14453 Test Bearing Housing PUGH Analysis

Lubrication Motor Mounting PUGH: P14453 Lubrication Motor Mounting PUGH Analysis

Remaining Work

Task List with Ownership: Remaing Work - Updated 4/1/2014

Build, Test, and Integrate

Table Base Assembly:

Image:MSD II/PICS/Table Base Assembly Pics/rawstock.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Table Base Assembly Pics/cleaning.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Table Base Assembly Pics/rob_setup.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Table Base Assembly Pics/Fixturing.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Table Base Assembly Pics/Final.JPG

Test Surface Manufacturing:

Image:MSD II/PICS/Test Surface Manufacturing Pics/Blanchard_plate.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Test Surface Manufacturing Pics/Before_Cutting.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Test Surface Manufacturing Pics/Cutting.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Test Surface Manufacturing Pics/After Cutting.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Test Surface Manufacturing Pics/IMG_1967.JPG

Shaft Manufacturing:

Image:MSD II/PICS/Drive Shaft/IMG_1958.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Drive Shaft/IMG_1968.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Drive Shaft/IMG_1970.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Drive Shaft/IMG_2076.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Drive Shaft/IMG_2077.JPG

Lubrication System Assembly:

Image:MSD II/PICS/Lubrication System Manufacturing & Assembly/Luke_Failure1.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Lubrication System Manufacturing & Assembly/IMG_2024.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Lubrication System Manufacturing & Assembly/IMG_2025.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Lubrication System Manufacturing & Assembly/IMG_2078.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Lubrication System Manufacturing & Assembly/IMG_2080.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Lubrication System Manufacturing & Assembly/IMG_2081.JPG

Load Application System Manufacturing/Assembly:

Image:MSD II/PICS/Load Application System Manufacturing & Assembly/Avery_WeightStrap.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Load Application System Manufacturing & Assembly/Josh_Risers.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Load Application System Manufacturing & Assembly/kaiser_PivotPin.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Load Application System Manufacturing & Assembly/IMG_1951.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Load Application System Manufacturing & Assembly/IMG_1966.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Load Application System Manufacturing & Assembly/IMG_2082.JPG

Test Bearing & Housing Manufacturing

Image:MSD II/PICS/Test Bearing Pics/20140410_084350.jpg Image:MSD II/PICS/Test Bearing Pics/IMG_2003.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Test Bearing Pics/IMG_1996.JPG


Image:MSD II/PICS/Painting/IMG_2010.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Painting/IMG_2012.JPG

Final Rig Assembly:

Image:MSD II/PICS/Final Rig/IMG_2083.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Final Rig/IMG_2084.JPG Image:MSD II/PICS/Final Rig/IMG_2085.JPG

Test Plans & Test Results

Test Plan Summary: P14453 Test Plan Summary
Test Specification Number Component(s) Tested Test Plan Test Results
SN 1 Motor & Controller SN1,2 Plan SN1,2 Results
SN 2 Encoder
SN 3 Load Cell SN3 Plan SN3 Results
SN 4 Lubrication System - Leakage SN4,5,6,7 Plan SN4,5,6,7 Results
SN 5 Lubrication System - Flow Rate
SN 6 Lubrication System - Pressure
SN 7 Lubrication System - Temperature
SN 8 Drive Shaft - Runout SN8 Plan SN8 Results

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions: P14453 Assembly Instructions

User or Operator Instructions/Manual

User Manual: P14453 User Manual

Service Instructions/Manual

Service Manual: P14453 Service Manual

Sample Data Set

Sample Data 5/20/2014

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