P14453: Dresser-Rand Compresser Bearing Dynamic Similarity Tester

Detailed Design

Table of Contents
Critical Subsystem Identification Subsystem Analysis Process Flow
500|P14453 Critical Subsystem Identification

500|P14453 Critical Subsystem Identification

700|P14453 Subsystem Analysis Process Flow

700|P14453 Subsystem Analysis Process Flow

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

The following Detailed Design Review Packet contains a project overview, customer needs, engineering specifications, design process, and proposed design. In addition, it contains all the appropriate analysis/simulations, layouts, detailed drawings, and assembly/test plans associated with the proposed design.

P14453 DDR Information Packet

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Detailed Parts Drawings Directory:

P14453 Detailed Drawings

800|P14453 Concept Layout

800|P14453 Concept Layout

Bill of Material (BOM)

P14453 BOM (Initial - Static Pneumatic Rig)

Test Plans

P14453 Preliminary Test Plans

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment (Updated)

Design Reviews

P14453 Subsystem Design Review Presentation

P14453 DDR Presentation (see information packet for complete details)

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