P14473: Programmable Mounting Fixture -- Hose Test


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Waterproof products must undergo testing to ensure that they perform as advertised. The test setup requires a frame to hold the product in question while it is sprayed with water at a set pressure and for a designated amount of time. While the test is in progress the product must be rotated to ensure adequate water coverage over the entire surface. Existing water test rigs consist of frameworks that must be moved manually or of static frameworks that instead require the hose to be redirected to spray different parts of the product. This project will entail the design and fabrication of a programmable mounting fixture capable of securing and rotating a variety of waterproof lighting fixtures while they are being sprayed with water under pressure to ensure their compliance with NEMA Type 4, IPX6, and Marine Hose test Standards. The fixture should be able to accommodate the sizes and weights of the current line of Cooper Crouse-Hinds products. The fixture should have a control that will allow the operator to rotate the fixture with respect to the X, Y and Z axes at a variable speed. The system needs to be highly corrosion resistant and must be standalone. Because of the nature of the testing all electrical components and connections must be waterproof. The expected end result is a working fixture that can be used for in-company testing. The fixture will be partially tested before delivery to the customer. A complete set of documentation will be supplied including an operation and maintenance manual.

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Project Name
Programmable Mounting Fixture - Hose Test
Project Number
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Benjamin Varela, bxveme@rit.edu
Mike Zona, (585)298-7691, mfzddm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Joe Manahan, Joe.Manahan@cooperindustries.com
Sponsor (financial support)
Cooper Crouse-Hinds

Team Members

Jacky, Chris, Ben, Dennis, Chloe

Jacky, Chris, Ben, Dennis, Chloe

Member Role Contact
Chris Williams ME cpw7922@rit.edu
Dennis Roffo ME ddr9185@rit.edu
Jacky Ruan ME jxr5394@rit.edu
Chloe Parliman ISE cmp4774@rit.edu
Ben Lawrence EE bml3777@rit.edu

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Cooper-Crouse Hinds is credited for providing the necessary guidelines and information towards initiating this project as well as creating the project. A special thanks to Dr. Benjamin Valera for his expertise in solenoid valves and providing his assistance during critical times, and to Mike Zona for his expertise and patience with helping us to develop this project.