P14474: Hydrostatic Test Apparatus

Build, Test, Document

Table of Contents

Build, Test, and Integrate

Our Schedule for MSD II to complete the project requirements

Bill of Materials with status of components

public/Photo Gallery/partial_assembled.jpg

After receiving the valve from swagelok it was discovered that the valve we ordered was not what we expected it to be. The valve came with linear actuation instead of rotary. This issue caused us to do a redesign to solve this issue.


public/Photo Gallery/Redesign_assem.jpgpublic/Photo Gallery/Redesign_assem2.jpg

Final Review

Test Plans & Test Results

Our Test Plans

Assembly Instructions

Our Installation Instructions

User or Operator Instructions/Manual

The Procedure to operate the new hydrostatic test apparatus

Service Instructions/Manual

Our suggested Maintenance for the redesign system.

Customer Requirements Check

To ensure we satisfied our customer's requirements we went though them and "checked off" the requirements that were accomplished

Technical Paper/ Poster

Our Required Technical Paper and Poster for Senior Design

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