P14474: Hydrostatic Test Apparatus


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The current, manually controlled, hydrostatic test apparatus needs to be redesigned so that test automation can occur via a digital control interface. The interface includes editable parameters for the pressure, ramp rate, and hold time of the test being performed. Once these variables are set, the test is able to take place. All of these parameters are automatically controlled within the system so that the technician can observe the test and capture the results. The design for the new test apparatus must include minimal system maintenance, an easily programmable digital interface, ability to interface with the existing pump and test enclosures, test automation, and able to withstand a maximum internal pressure of 10,000 PSI. The apparatus is designed around performing tests on electrical enclosures to ensure they meet the operational specifications as outlined in standards UL1203, UL2225, and CSA22.2 no.30. These standards provide the basis for all tests performed by the hydrostatic test apparatus.

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Hydrostatic Test Apparatus
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Dr. Benjamin Varela
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Mike Zona
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Joe Manahan

Team Members

From left: Brian Benner, Kyle Abbott, Anushka Kalicharan, Mitchell Sedore, and Jacob Manly

From left: Brian Benner, Kyle Abbott, Anushka Kalicharan, Mitchell Sedore, and Jacob Manly

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Jacob E. Manley Electrical Engineer/ Team Lead jem7513@rit.edu
Anushka Kalicharan Mechanical Engineer apk8383@rit.edu
Mitchell Sedore Mechanical Engineer mjs5757@rit.edu
Brian Benner Mechanical Engineer bcb3438@rit.edu
Kyle Abbott Mechanical Engineer kja4123@rit.edu

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