P14474: Hydrostatic Test Apparatus

Problem Definition

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Project Summary

The current, manually controlled, hydrostatic test apparatus needs to be redesigned so that test automation can occur via a digital control interface. The interface includes editable parameters for the pressure, ramp rate, and hold time of the test being performed. Once these variables are set, the test is able to take place. All of these parameters are automatically controlled within the system so that the technician can observe the test and capture the results. The purposed design for the new test apparatus must include minimal system maintenance, an easily programmable digital interface, ability to interface with the existing pump and test enclosures, test automation, and able to withstand a maximum internal pressure of 10,000 PSI. The apparatus is designed around performing tests on electrical enclosures to ensure they meet the operational specifications as outlined in standards UL1203, UL2225, and CSA22.2 no.30. These standards provide the basis for all tests performed by the hydrostatic test apparatus.

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Customer Requirements

To get a better understanding, of what the customer wants and needs the project to accomplish, as a team we developed a list of interview questions. From those questions and the Project Readiness Package we could then create a compilation of Customer Requirements.

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Engineering Requirements

From the Customer Requirements the team created a list of more specific and measurable Engineering Requirements to better quantify the necessary specifications.

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House of Quality

A House of Quality chart is created from the Customer and Engineering Requirements. This chart generates values of importance in the Customer and Engineering Requirements.

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From the House of Quality a Pareto Chart was made that clearly shows the importance levels of the engineering requirements

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Our main constraint is that we must reuse the current pump, because pumps of that size are very expensive and the current one works.

Another loose constraint we have is budget. The PRP limits the project to $6000.

We don't have much of a size constraint. The system is located inside a small room. So unless the system is excessively large this inst a problem.

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Hardware Deliverables
Documentation Deliverables

Solution Parking Lot

During the Problem Definition phase, you will start coming up with possible solutions. Rather than act on those now, put them in the Solution Parking Lot, and come back to them after your team has fully defined the problem.

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