P14474: Hydrostatic Test Apparatus

Systems Design

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Some Initial Benchmarking

Functional Decomposition

To better understand what is necessary in the system. We created a chart for Functional Decomposition which breaks down the required actions into separate actions.

Concept Development (generation, improvement, selection)

We came up with ways to accomplish the functions and created a morph chart. Using these solutions we created concepts of systems. We then evaluated the concepts to help determine what our system should be comprised of. The evaluation showed concept A and D were better systems. The two systems had some points that were evaluated at the same value so to better differentiate and create a possible hybrid we did some engineering analysis in the form of benchmarking.

From this analysis we decided a hybrid of the two design concepts would be a better design.

Systems Architecture

This System Architecture shows how the system be configured.

public/Photo Gallery/System_Architecture.png

This Controller Diagram shows the logic behind how the system will operate.

public/Photo Gallery/Controller_Diagram.PNG


For example, basic engineering analysis or simulation, mockups, benchmarking results

There were a few differences that separated concepts A and D, so we did some benchmarking to determine which is a better solution.

public/Photo Gallery/EA_Data_Transmission.PNG public/Photo Gallery/EA_Hold_Components.PNG public/Photo Gallery/EA_Controller.PNG

Risk Assessment

We created a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis chart to help keep track of potential problems and how to solve them.

public/Photo Gallery/Risk_Assessment.JPG

Systems Design Review

Week 6 Review

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