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Virtual reality is an exciting way for a user to experience 3D environments that might be difficult to replicate in the real world. Although many people see virtual reality as a fun way for gaming, it also has other purposes in research of the human body. Currently there is research being done on relating eye movements with corresponding body movements. The current system for collecting this data uses cameras and sensors to relay the information to the researcher for analysis. This works well for most of the body, but becomes problematic when focusing the cameras' attention on the hands. This is because with the many movements of the hands it is hard for the cameras to always see all the sensors they need for accurate data.

The objective of this project is to help that situation by creating a glove the collects data from the hand's movements without the use of the motion capturing cameras. Current gloves exist, but are either too expensive or do not provide accurate enough data. The project will focus on providing a functional prototype that is lightweight, durable, and inexpensive that does not interfere with the user's natural movements. This glove, when functioning, should be a strong competitor to the current commercial models of virtual reality gloves.

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Virtual Reality Data Glove
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Faculty Guide
Edward Hanzlik, echeee@rit.edu (585) 475-7428
Primary Customer
Gabriel Diaz, gabriel.diaz@rit.edu (585) 317-3595
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Team Members

The Team:Left to right: David, Corey, Cody (front), Matt (back), Josh, Kayla, Ryan

The Team:Left to right: David, Corey, Cody (front), Matt (back), Josh, Kayla, Ryan

Member Role Contact
Corey Rothfuss Team Lead cjr5535@rit.edu
Joshua Horner Mechanical Engineer jjh8776@rit.edu
Kayla King Mechanical Engineer kmk3697@rit.edu
Ryan Dunn Electrical Engineer rpd6962@rit.edu
Matthew Nealon Electrical Engineer mmn5424@rit.edu
Cody Stevens Electrical Engineer djy1307@rit.edu
David Jung Yoon Electrical Engineer djy2167@rit.edu

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