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Build, Test, Document

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Build, Test, and Integrate

Work was split among the student members of the team, as well as the Brinkman Lab Machine Shop to transform the raw materials of the project into the necessary components of the project. Checklists were used for each raw material to allow parallel machining of components without duplicating efforts. In machine time alone, the project took roughly 100 hours for inexperienced students to create all needed parts. It is highly suggested that anyone looking to create this system owns, or has affordable access to a vertical mill and lathe to keep costs down.

Following the machining of most parts, subsystem assembly and functionality testing ensued. From this process, design & construction faults were identified using an issue tracking spread sheet. (linked at the bottom of the page) Problems were resolved based on critically to further system function and construction.

Prior to being put on display at Imagine RIT, the system was capable of executing homing procedures on all axis, and had a full range of motion. In the subsequent weeks, the System was able to execute G-code for printing a rectangle (without printing) as well as an automated tool pick up from the storage system using the EMHI.

Extra features were added to the system, including an LED light strip around the ceiling of the enclosure, and hardboard covers for the X and Y axes.

As of 5/23/2014, This file contains what has been ordered and what has been utilized in the construction of the system:

Bill of Materials

Some elements, such as the hardware used for the LED lighting and other non-essentials are not included in the BOM. This BOM represents the most update revision of the overall system BOM. Subsystem BOMs are located on their appropriate assembly drawings below.

As a note, inaccuracies may exist within the overall BOM, feel free to correct the team or subsequent teams regarding any issues.

Test Plans & Test Results

Current Test Plan as of 2/10/2014

Assembly Instructions

MakerSlide Carriage:
Diagram of the MakerSlide Carriage


Diagram of the X-axis


Diagram of the Y-axis


Diagram of the Z-axis


Diagram of the Circuitry


Diagram of the Enclosure

Storage System:

Diagram of the Storage System

Electrical/Mechanical Head Interface:

Diagram of the Electrical Mechanical Head Interface

User or Operator Instructions/Manual

At the end state of this project, the system is still undergoing software development, therefore use instruction for the system will fall to the next team.

Service Instructions/Manual

Again, at the end state of this project, a fully functional system was not achieved. Service instructions will be left to future teams to generate.

Sample Issue Tracking

Sample Issue Tracking Worksheet

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