P14551: Multi-Process 3D Printing
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Problem Definition

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Project Summary

Due to recent leaps open source technology, 3-D printing is set to take off in the coming years. Current open source machines can perform a single process, (e.g. laser sintering, thermoplastic extrusion, routing) leading for the need to buy and maintain multiple machines in order to prototype complex parts. Multi-process 3-D printers are capable of performing these processes, minimizing capital and maintenance expenses, while simultaneously unlocking the ability to produce multiple substrate parts such a printed circuit boards or other composite materials. Current multi-process printers are not open sourced and have costs well above what the average hobbyist can afford.

The goal of the project is to demonstrate a multi-process 3-D printer that is both designed as open source and at an appropriate price range to be marketed to the average hobbyist. This printer will incorporate an interface capable of supporting multiple process heads, which could additive or subtractive in nature, that will operate with minimum setup or training. (i.e. Plug-and-Play) Open sourced or low cost software will be used to control the printer. This project will create a platform that can be expanded upon by future MSD teams.

Customer Requirements (Needs)

Customer Requirements

Engineering Requirements (Specifications)

Engineering Requirements


Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Solution Parking Lot

Main Benchmark Product

Multi Proto Lab

Other Benchmark Products

Machine Name (Link) Manufacturer Processes X-axis Y-axis Z-axis Head Changes Automated Head Changes Number of Extruders Part Envelope Available Cost Open Source Safety Features Expandability Interesting Feature
No. 38 Shinko Sellbic FDM, milling unclear unclear unclear No No 1 unclear unclear unclear unclear unclear unclear water cooled extruder
Microfactory MEbotics FDM, milling (300W spindle for wood, plastic), milling-only option (700W spindle for wood, plastic, and aluminum) screw gantry screw bed screw head No No 4 12x12x6 No unclear No E-Stop, door prox sensor, enclosure, swing open door, cover for exterior belts No 4 print heads, can print 4 parts at once
FABtotum FABteam FDM, milling (4-axis), laser scanning belt gantry belt gantry screw bed Yes No 1 210mm x 210mm x 240mm yes 1000 Yes unclear maybe 4 axis milling/turning
2BEIGH3 FDM, milling screw bed screw bed screw head Yes (difficult) No 1 14x14x12 unclear 1000 Yes
PopFab MIT FDM, milling (untested) belt bed belt bed screw gantry Yes (difficult) No 1 4x4x6 (Estimate) unclear unclear Yes case enclosure unlikely fits in suitcase, single belt to control x/y bed
Hydra-MMM v1.4 FDM, milling screw gantry screw gantry screw gantry Yes (difficult) No 1 to 2 8x8x8 (Estimate) unclear unclear Yes heat sensor unlikely dual z-axis screws, 0.00125" printing accuracy
C-3 Custom Innovations FDM, milling screw gantry screw gantry screw bed Yes No 1 8x8x8 (Estimate) No 2500 No enclosure unlikely quick release head change
EasyMaker FDM, milling (plastic, wood) belt gantry belt gantry scew head Yes (difficult) No 1 12x12x8 No 2000 Yes unlikely

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