P14571: Ruggedized Camera Encoder

Planning & Execution

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Contact Information

This is a list of all the official team members for this project.
Member Role Contact
Matthew Hornyak Mechanical Engineer mdh3950@rit.edu
Alonso Moreno Mechanical Engineer axm3688@rit.edu
Kyle Jason Electrical Engineer kej5192@rit.edu
Jordan O'Connor Electrical Engineer jmo3837@rit.edu
Lennard Streat Computer Engineer lgs8331@rit.edu
Collin Correll Other cm5correll9@gmail.com


The goal of this project is to deliver a working prototype that will have a small enclosure (tabletop) with two to four tethered camera inputs, acquiring HD 1080p 30fps image data.

Team Norms & Values

The members of the team have agreed to abide by the following code of ethics.

Code Of Ethics Rev.A (2/10/2014)

Project Plans

This section contains the project plans in all of its recent revisions.

For a full version of the Project plan, see one of the following revisions:

Project Plan Schedule
  • 6:30PM (Group Meeting)


  • 1:00PM (Class Deliverable Meeting)
  • ~4:00PM (Customer Meeting & Training)


  • 7:00PM (Group Meeting)


  • 1:00PM (Class Deliverable Meeting)


The customer was interviewed by the team across several meetings. Through these interviews, the following requirements were extracted. Customer requirements were then transposed into engineering requirements. For the full requirements documentation in printable format go to the Problem Definition page.

Interview Questions Rev.A (1/30/2014)

Customer Needs

Customer Requirement # Importance Description
CR1.1 9/9 Be able to operate wherever a car would go.
CR2.1 3/3/9 Be low power.
CR3.1 9 Have real-time video analytics.
CR3.2 9 1080p30 video stream.
CR3.3 9 Use H.264 compression.
CR4.1 3 Device is small (tabletop).
CR4.2 3 Device is waterproof.
CR4.3 9 Device is mountable.
CR4.4 3/3 Device is ruggedized
CR5.1 9 Uses CoaXpress.
CR5.2 9 Has Gig-E output.
CR6.1 9/9/1 Modular
CR7.1 9/9 Have prototype with two working demos.
CR8.1 9/9 Interact with 4 cameras.
CR9.1 9 Has to connect to D3 carrier card

Engineering Requirements (Specifications)

Req. # Importance Source Funct. Requirement Metric Unit Marginal Ideal Comment
ER1.1 9 CR1.1 Withstand temperature range (-40°C to 85°C) Celcius 21C [Link]
ER1.2 9 CR1.1 Withstand vibrations threshold [Link]
ER2.1 3 CR2.1 Consumes about/less than 4.2W/camera Watts 4.2W [Link]
ER3.1 3 CR3.1/2 Process ~237.304688 MB/s per camera (based on 24 bit/pixel) Bytes/s 237.3 MB/s [Link]
ER3.3 9 CR3.3 Use H.264 encoding Yes/No Yes [Link]
ER4.1 3 CR4.1 D3 DesignCore size standard Yes/No Yes [Link]
ER4.2 3 CR4.2 Be Nema4/IP07 compliant Yes/No Yes [Link]
ER4.3 9 CR4.3 Has locations to bolt or screw the device to other devices Yes/No Yes [Link]
ER4.4 3 CR4.4 Be Nema4/IP67 compliant Yes/No Yes [Link]
ER5.1 9 CR5.1 CoaXpress Compatability/Compliance Yes/No Yes [Link]
ER5.2 9 CR5.2 RJ-45 Female Connector for output Yes/No Yes [Link]
ER6.1 1 CR6.1 Components may be added/removed Yes/No Yes [Link]
ER7.1 9 CR7.1 Create a working prototype Yes/No Yes [Link]
ER7.2 9 CR7.1 Create two working demos for the prototype No. Demos 2-4 [Link]
ER8.1 9 CR8.1 Functional API to interface with camera Pass/Fail Pass [Link]
ER8.2 9 CR8.1 Speed of transceiver interface based on data rate (ER3.1) Gb/s 6.25Gb/s [Link]
ER9.1 9 CR9.1 Board shall connect to D3 carrier card via ???? connector Yes/No Yes [Link]

Risk Assessment

This section contains information about the risk assessment process that was followed.
ID Risk Item Effect Cause LH SV IM Action Owner
RS1 Project scope too large Incomplete deliverable Improper scope 3 3 9 Project scope assessment completed with guide and industry partner Team & D3
RS2 System overheat 6 9 54 Direct heat sink contact with heat sources MEs
RS3 Module does not fit in enclosure 3 3 9 "Measure twice, cut once" MEs & EEs
RS4 Interfacing requirements not met 1 9 9 Follow protocol closely EEs
RS5 Boards to not link correctly 1 5 5 Spin a new board or create adapters MEs & EEs
Legend Meaning
LH Likelihood
SV Severity
IM Importance

Risk Assessment Rev.A (2/12/2014)

Meeting Minutes

This section contains the minutes from the official regular team meetings.

Project Reviews

This section contains information about the project review process. Presentations:

PCB Design

Design Drawings

Design Considerations


Literature Review

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